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Hi! I'm Kinsey. I'm the creator of 11:11 Concepts, a mobile luxury team of artists that provide beauty services for weddings & special events. Our beauty services are also ideal for photoshoots, birthdays, maternity/baby showers, and original designs & concepts. 11:11 represents the brand's vision of celebrating individuality and personal style through creative, luxurious experiences, products, and industry knowledge, and fostering genuine connections. Personally, I view the numbers 11:11 as a symbol of good fortune and this notion reflects itself in my brand and my work. 

I'm a wife, a bonus mom, a dog mom, a self-proclaimed chef & mixologist, HBCU grad, and travel enthusiast from Philadelphia who calls Atlanta my second home and Miami my third. I love traveling for both pleasure & work. I love being close to the ocean, plants, and sunshine. I believe in incorporating luxury into as many areas of life as possible. I especially love using my talents & abilities to help clients curate their own personal style that makes them look & feel at their very best. I can't wait to work with you.


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