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I'm Kinsey, the creator of 11:11 Concepts: a luxury beauty, design, and styling collective that embodies my vision of celebrating individual style by way of creative, intentional, and lavish services. Culturally and around the world, "11:11" is viewed as a good omen and symbolizes enlightenment and insight, staying true to oneself, and creating a life that feels like a collection of miracles. This concept is reflected in my way of being, my brand, and my work.  My creative endeavors over the years have allowed me to showcase during Fashion Week in Lisbon, Portugal, as well as style models for a Lil Wayne video shoot in Miami. I've worked with hundreds of brides and couples all over the world- from understated, intimate elopements to extravagant 3-day Indian wedding ceremonies and everything in between. I've worked LGBTQ+ weddings, designed custom swimwear for a bachelorette yacht party, and have traveled far and wide to create magic in life's special occasions.


I am often asked where the name of my brand comes from.  A few years ago, I would see 11:11 several times a day like clockwork (ha!)- but not only relative to time. Every day, serendipitously, I'd notice "1111" on the street or on mailing addresses, or would buy something and the total for my purchase would be $11.11. I'd notice 1,111 likes or views on a social media post. This went on for several months. I came to learn that in spirituality and numerology, the number "1" represents the self... specifically one's own abilities, independence, and autonomy. Operating under this idea, the power and influence of a number expands and is magnified when you see that number repeated... such as 11:11.

In my personal life, I'm a travel enthusiast, a dog mom, and a self-proclaimed chef & mixologist. I love street art, street tacos, and vibey playlists. I attended the finest HBCU on the planet, Clark Atlanta University. I'm a Philly jawn that calls Atlanta my second home and Miami my third even though I'm based in Nashville. I love the ocean, dry humor, buying home decor and plants, and spending time with the people I love. I believe in incorporating luxury into as many areas of life as possible.


What is more, I love to use my talents + abilities to help other people look and feel like their very best selves.

I can't wait to work with you. xo,
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